Why I use Photofy Pro for My Restaurant

As President and Co-Founder of Photofy, you’d expect for me to be a huge proponent and user of our platform, which undoubtedly I am!  The team is building the world’s greatest social content creation platform, and we have some amazing new updates coming out in the weeks and months ahead.  But since the launch of our Pro platform, I find myself using the app almost daily to do social posts for a restaurant I own in Raleigh called Piola.

As a restaurant owner, it is critical to keep your customers engaged so that you earn their mind share when it comes to making a dinner decision.  Showcasing beautiful photos is important, but when you can incorporate branding and messaging on the photo you take the posts to another level.  From promoting kids night to beer specials, new menu items or your classics, Photofy Pro truly helps me reap the most benefits from my posts.

Here are some examples of posts I have done in the past few weeks:

2015-02-25 10.30.502015-02-03 16.22.102015-02-20 16.08.05

Utilizing the collage functionality in combination with Pro, you are able to showcase multiple products while including your logo. These kinds of posts will truly get your customers appetites going, and not make them look twice for who made the post!  And since you are using our Photofy app, the time commitment to create fun and engaging posts is minimal – on average 3-4 minutes from start to sharing on Facebook or Instagram.

Visit our website now to learn more about our Photofy Pro service.  We also offer design services to help create digital assets for you to overlay on your photos, for those who are truly looking for a turnkey solution.  I truly believe this could be the best marketing decision you will make in all of 2015!

Jon LaNasa