Business Spotlight-Piola

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This week on the blog we’re starting a new series highlighting business’ using Photofy Pro to help brand themselves and create brand awareness. Today we’re focusing on the pizza/restaurant industry. Having Pro would allow you to brand your restaurant but also showcase your specials and weekly deals with designs catered towards the restaurant’s industry, as you can see from the examples above.

One business that has done a superb job using Photofy Pro in the pizzeria industry is Piola,  located in Raleigh. Piola was founded in 1986 in the very heart of Italy by two brothers who reinvented the most quintessential Italian establishment, the Pizzeria, serving authentic yet simple Italian food in a dynamic and contemporary ambiance. Piola, meaning “Meeting Place” in the ancient Italian language, has become a widespread reality as their pizzas are now being enjoyed in many cities around the world.

Cameron Barber-Jones is Piola’s General Manager and is also in charge of the restaurant’s Marketing/Social Media. He does a great job posting to each of their Social Networks using Photofy Pro to create brand recognition for Piola. Photofy Pro helps keep his brand messaging consistent across all Social Networks while also streamlining the process to make it less time consuming. One of his favorite features of Pro was being able to have their logo on every image with daily specials they have at the restaurant. With their logo, he also incorporates designs from our pizzeria industry package. An industry package consists of designs catered towards a specific industry. Therefore with the pizzeria package, he can use their logo and designs together to create a professional branded image.

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