Tips for Designing with Type on a Photo

Have you ever seen photos with text that stand out and look amazing? Well this week on the blog, we’re here to give you some tips when adding your own text to a photo!

  1. Add Contrast- Text has to be readable to be successful. Make sure that the text varies in color with the background so it can be seen. Also contrast can be meant for text size as well. Keep your text a certain size depending on what is in the photo.
  2. Blur Your Image- One of the simplest things to make your text stand out, is blurring your image. This can also create focus for the overall concept of your photo.
  3. Put Text in a Box- When a photo has lots of differences with color or changes in light, putting a text in a frame can make it stand out. Make sure to choose a color that provides enough contrast for the lettering to show.
  4. Add Text to the Background- Instead of adding text to the foreground where everything is going on, add text in the background.
  5. GO BIG- When you’re not sure what to do with text for an image, try making it big. The size of the text will easily grab someone’s attention.
  6. Go simple- When working with images, use simple typography and a straightforward image for the best effect. People will know the exact message you’re trying to convey.

With Photofy, we have a lot of fonts you can choose from to help personalize your photos. Follow these tips above and you should have great looking photos!

Business Spotlight – Cornerstone Properties

Our second business in the spotlight this month is Cornerstone Properties. With this business, we’ll be able to focus on the real estate industry. The real estate business has recently gotten new guidelines on ads they post. They are now required to include their firm’s name and contact info on all of the ads. It is no longer enough to put the name of the firm in the comments or description of the image. With this new change, Photofy Pro was able to help Cornerstone Properties have their logo on every image and brand the business on social networks.

Cornerstone Properties is a family owned and operated Real Estate Firm with over 30 years of experience; specializing in homes located “inside the beltline” in Raleigh, NC. Their real estate firm is a father-son duo that have had already $182 million dollars in sales.

When first setting out to starting their Social Media, they thought it was important to have some branded images to make their logo and branding more well known. They’re a small real estate firm, so they didn’t have a huge marketing budget. Since most of their business is word of mouth referrals they didn’t have to spend much on marketing. But with more millennials hitting the market place, it was imperative for them to reach new potential clients and make their brand better known to the average person living, buying, or selling in Raleigh.

With the new Real Estate branding guidelines and trying to reach millennials on a limited marketing budget, Cornerstone Properties signed up for Photofy Pro. Ever since they signed up for Pro, Photofy has become a necessity for their business. Pro has helped each advertisement have their firm’s name to make sure the guidelines are being followed while having a professional look. Pro has also saved them time in creating their ads for Social Media. All in all, they’re using Photofy Pro to help with brand awareness and to help maintain a professional looking presence on social media.