Video Blog – Using Templates for Real Estate Posts

At Photofy, we work with tens of thousands of businesses to help them create branded, meaningful social posts in just a few minutes directly from their mobile device.

Some of our business owners are single operators, and simply use our Logo+ feature in our app, which allows you to upload 12 transparent .png files and access them from a single device.

For our businesses that have multiple employees or locations, they go with one of our Photofy Pro subscriptions. These plans start with as little as one user, and can be customized to include up to millions of users.  On these plans, additional features exist such as creating personalized brand templates, sharing your brand assets with more than one user, uploading stock photography to share, and our pro capture feature, which functions like geofilters, but just for your subscribed users.

Today, I wanted to showcase how easy it is for a realtor to create a post about an open house using one of our business templates. The template chosen is a 4-photo collage layout, with a dedicated area for the copy and overlays.  We hope this inspires you to create something special today!

Video Blog – Dynamic Overlays

In this video, we spotlight one of our newest in-app features – custom artwork. By using these items, you are able to simply personalize the text in the overlay to fit your needs. In this example, we use the Happy Hour overlay, and adjust the time to read 6pm-7pm tonight, and we also use the social media icons overlay and add “piola”.

We hope you enjoy this newest feature, and if you haven’t already begun using our branding features, consider our in-app Logo+ feature or become a Photofy Pro user and empower your entire team to create on the go.