“Epic Events” is an Awesome Graphic Pack for DJ and Event Content

Photofy has been a crucial tool for me when it comes to creating content and making awesome looking social media content. I had been a fan for a while before realizing that the company was right here in my home town of Raleigh, NC. In the even smaller world category, I actually knew the CEO! After a few meetings with John, I knew that I wanted to get more involved with such an amazing app that had helped me so much. Now it was my turn to help others!

This pack isn’t just for DJs! It’s for anyone that does epic events!

After some brainstorming and research, I realized that there weren’t a lot of DJ friendly “elements” available to add to my photos, especially if you are a mobile DJ or wedding DJ like myself. So that’s where I started, with creating different variations of the couple’s names, their wedding hashtag, some critical pieces of DJ gear and things like that. Then I just started coming up with silly things to add to people-shades, hats, etc. Next, the fine folks at Photofy started pulling in some other pieces that matched the look and feel of my “pack” and eventually the “Epic Events” pack was launched in late March 2018!

As soon as it went live, I contacted not only all of the DJs I know that I follow and that follow me, but I also reached out to countless others in the entertainment and hospitality industry-wedding planners, venue operators, cake makers, photographers, etc. They jumped on board almost immediately and I’ve seen some of their posts using the elements recently that are killer. Even in house here at Bunn DJ Company, we had a contest to see who could make the best Instagram post using the “Epic Events” pack. This pack isn’t just for DJs! It’s for anyone that does epic events! Check it out in the store (download the app, click the store icon in the upper right corner, then type “epic events” in the search bar. For only $4.99, it’s worth every penny! Happy posting!

Joe Bunn
Owner/DJ, Bunn DJ Company
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