Social Media Savvy Moms

By: Monica Brady

My family lives all the way across the country from the rest of our extended family, and thanks to my husband’s military career, we have friends across the globe. It’s tough to keep up with every event, all of the time, so social media is a great tool to quickly share our family events with our family and friends around the world.

I’m a photographer, so I love to take pictures, probably a little too much. My family doesn’t get to visit much because of the distance, so they really rely on me to share photos and let them know what’s going on! Whether it’s an awards ceremony, or a sports event, there is something in Photofy that I, or any social media savvy mom can use to create really fun images to easily post across all of your social media accounts.

That time we took a cruise to the Bahamas and our girls met their favorite characters…

puppy love

I even shared the moment our new best friend arrived at our home…


And of course, something that I’ll keep on sharing until he is done with Triathlons, I love to show off all of my husband’s achievements in his latest multisport endeavors.

Photofy is super easy to use when it comes to enhancing and sharing your family’s excitement across your social media channels, and best of all.. It’s free!

Support a Great Cause… Join The Memorial Day Photofy Frame Campaign!

“Dogs and Vodka,” name a better pair, I’ll wait…


Photofy is partnering with Emanicpet and Tito’s Vodka to support a great cause! When you create content in the Photofy app with custom Emancipet & Vodka for Dog People graphic elements, Tito’s Vodka will donate $1 to Emancipet. Emancipet is a nonprofit that seeks to make spay/neuter and veterinary care available for all pet owners. Tito’s created Vodka for Dog People to rescue and protect the animals that have come into their lives. The vision of the Vodka for Dog People program is to unite with friends, fans, and partners to better the lives of pets and their families far and wide. All proceeds of the program go to Emancipet.

Have fun plans for Memorial Day weekend? GREAT… NOW be sure to capture a photo of your canine best friend, or someone else’s, and post to support the the cause.


Want to get involved? By unlocking a free Emancipet & Vodka for Dog People themed frame from Photofy, you prompt Tito’s Vodka to donate $1 to Emancipet!

Simply download the Photofy app, unlock your favorite free Emancipet + Tito’s Vodka summer/memorial day themed frame, and share on social! IN ADDITION… Emancipet will select 5 winners of a Vodka for Dog People prize from those who post through May 31st, 2018.

To enter, all you have to do is:

  1. DOWNLOAD Photofy from the Google Play or Apple Store:
  2. LAUNCH Photofy
  3. PRESS THE MENU BUTTON in the upper left-hand corner
  4. TAP “Join Business Account”
  5. ENTER CODE: emancipet18
  6. SEE exclusive Emanicpet/Tito’s graphics

Once you’re in the app you will have access to custom artwork, templates, and photos! Be sure to include hashtags… #Emancipet #VodkaForDogPeople & #Sweepstakes to be submitted for the Vodka for Dog People contest!

Photofy Team Attends the Global Arbonne GTC 2018 Conference in Las Vegas

The Photofy team had the pleasure of attending the global Arbonne GTC 2018 Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. The GTC 2018 Arbonne conference is held annually at the MGM Grand Hotel for the top performing 15,000 consultants within the Arbonne family. Throughout the week Arbonne consultants will gain access to the Arbonne Boutique, the Arbonne Experience, seminars, workshops, rewards & ceremonies, new product releases, the White Party, and group workouts. Photofy was honored to occupy space at the digital, technology and social tent in the Arbonne Experience Marquee Ballroom.


The digital technology area had representatives available to educate consultants on several topics ranging from CRM tools to digital marketing efforts including Photofy. Photofy is an essential tool to these consultants, as they are allowed to create customized and professional looking content that aligns with the branding of Arbonne. In the Arbonne white label package within Photofy, consultants have access to stock photos, templates, graphics, and reposts, and communications tools that facilitate the creation on beautiful, on brand content. A popular use case are the templates consultants use to created and share content around event invitations and new product releases!


Photofy attendance at Arbonne GTC 2018 was critical, as our team was able to sign-up and onboard new consultants, train existing consultants, bring back constructive feedback, and deepen our phenomenal relationship with the Arbonne team. Having Photofy present allowed us to really demonstrate how this tool streamlines and empowers Arbonne consultants from all over the world to create amazing content around the Arbonne brand. Team Arbonne, thank you so much for letting Photofy be a part of your journey…we cannot wait for GTC 2019!