How to Differentiate Content for Various Social Channels


By: Grace Andrews

Posting content via social media channels is one of the best ways to communicate with consumers in today’s world. While there are many technology platforms that allow us to share content across all outlets, different channels may be better for different posts. For any brand, establishing a voice, building your identity, and staying consistent are crucial. However, it is also often valuable to alter each post even just a little depending on the channel and your audience. Photofy is beneficial for creating original and organic content that can easily be tailored to the platform you decide to post on, one or all. The multiple graphic elements are great for creating infographics and visuals, while tools such as the ratio feature allow you to create content in specific dimensions to fit the channel you are posting to. Below are some tips and tricks when it comes to posting on these various channels to gain the best reach and engagement.



Videos and curated content are the best to post on Facebook. Compared to all kinds of posts, these generate the highest average reach, engagement and likes. Facebook is also an ideal outlet for sharing blog posts. Ideal status updates don’t include much text, which leaves more room for great visuals. Generically speaking, people don’t come to Facebook to read long form content.

From a business perspective, consumers love engaging with companies they choose to do business with. So commenting and sharing posts from customers makes them feel respected and appreciated. In addition to the type of post, it is important to understand the demographic. The majority of adults online are utilizing Facebook. Unlike millennial-centric networks, like Snapchat, Facebook’s target audience reaches a higher age demographic.


A quick “expert” tip for Facebook with regard to your blog posts… very often, if it is a short post and you really want people to read it rather than your goal being clicks to your blog/website, post the full content of the post instead of the link, along with the image from the post. You will find this is a great way to create engagement and comments that most often will not happen on the blog post itself.


While you can post photos on virtually any social outlet, Instagram has become a place where people post only the best photos. Aesthetic quality is very important to instagram users. But every photo should also provide some context. Captions should be kept short and sweet. Even more so than Facebook, people do not come here to read long content. In addition, while Instagram will allow you to enter up to 30 hashtags, unless you apply them in the comment section below, it is not recommended.

Brands seeking to engage teens and young adults will offer an organic experience by aiming for quality, too. Things to post are product photos, behind-the-scenes, and user generated content. Quotes are also a type of popular content to post for motivational and inspirational reasons. While it is important to be consistent, Instagram’s Story feature allows flexibility in that as these stories will disappear after 24 hours.


Be sure to keep in mind that very often Instagram users do not even read the text that is not a pat of the photos, so remember your images are the key to the engagement.


Twitter is great for staying in the know! Tune into Twitter to be alerted and find out information on breaking news. Here, you can also voice your opinion or update your followers on what you are doing. Other reasons to get on Twitter are to follow sports, live events chat, famous people, share news, network, and follow trending topics. Twitter is also a great place for immediate feedback and to test new ideas and thoughts before posting them to more static social platforms.

Like Facebook, Twitter is a great outlet for sharing blog posts and curate quality content. With a blog post, you can share a link, photo or infographic, video of GIF. Tweets are limited to 280 characters, not including images and video. You can expect more engagement by including images with your links.

Hashtags are effective when including text on Twitter and often summarize your point or message. These hashtags are also are a great way to search for particular topics, and to be found by those searching. However, there is such thing as too many hashtags. Twitter is all about capturing attention as quickly as possible, which means you have to be strategic with your tweets in that they need to be clear and specific in order to engage with an audience. You can expect more engagement by including images with your links. And be sure to reply and respond to those who engage with or share your tweets to get the most relationship building value.


All business insights, thought leadership, job listings, and career information are the most appropriate content to post on LinkedIn given its a professional networking and community platform. Great things to post about include just about anything to do with business other than a straight sales pitch including marketing, operational insights, leadership, technology, events, company culture, employee’s experiences, employee’s achievements, and open job positions.

While many of the other popular social media channels are purposefully meant to be concise, LinkedIn is a place where you can feel free to post the full text and images. Of course, always remember to link it back to the original post to drive more engaging traffic.


Pinterest is also a very visual social platform. Images are best to post and are formatted vertically on their channel. Pinterest is one of the best ways to get new people to your blog since it doubles as social media and a search engine.

Most popular topics and posts you will find on Pinterest include DIY, craft, décor, food and drinks, and design. Some of these vertical images include step-by-step photo instructions on how to do something. Pinterest users mostly utilize this source for inspiration. Because of this, pictures posted here should focus on what should be achieved when using the product of topic.socialchannels2

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