How to Humanize Technology


How to Humanize Technology
By: Grace Andrews

Social Media, Software, Internet… Technology, can have the tendency, in addition to all they afford for relationship building, to make us feel disconnected and out of control. While some are beginning to resent technology because of it’s invasiveness, we also rely heavily on it for our normal day to day activities. In this digital/social-platform age, our brains have adapted to communicating with others via various channels, some with 140 characters (now 280) or less and emojis. We get impatient when we don’t have access or speed, and it has shortened our attention spans to an extreme.

While this dependence on technology may come with complications, it is the way of the world and we are only going to see more and more. Maintaining human interaction with these digital tools is vital to informing consumers, and each other, effectively and efficiently. After all, technology is intended to make our lives easier and should enhance the things we do naturally.

We are already seeing this develop in some aspects. Take “voice command” for example… the responsive automated voices have acquired more of a human tone over the years in addition to being able to understand real life voices and accents. If you are misunderstood, you usually receive a response such as “Sorry, but I can’t understand, could you repeat please,” showing that technology is incorporating manners. As technology advances, it also becomes more human-friendly… and hopefully more human in it’s interactions and results.

Working for a tech company, it is important for employees to stay focused on these needs. Customer Success is a huge part of maintaining human relations, and humanizing “our” app, Photofy. How do you humanize a photo editing, content creating app you ask? We work hard to connect with our customers on a daily basis whether that means answering a question about the app, sharing consumer generated content, or just checking in to make sure our users have everything they need. The user experience, convenience, and simplicity, is key to relating with human needs and developing the relationship that engenders trust. When people ask us what is the ROI of Social Media, we often answer… “What is the ROI of Trust and what is the ROI of Loyalty? Everyone in the c-suite understand the power and dollar ($) value of Trust and Loyalty.

So… in order to humanize your technology, it is important to develop a relationship, not just with the device or service, but rather with the brand. Add your human touch by listening to your customers, engaging, and adapting. In addition, design matters. We are visual creatures and have to create that sense of appeal. Time is also precious, and humans have a need for speed. Making technology quick and accessible is a must to enhance adoption. Create Solutions That Work for People… The Way People Work.


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