Enterprise Notifications: Instantly Communicate with your Photofy Team

Photofy is a powerful tool for enabling employees to have access to your latest graphics, assets, and photography for creating their own content. However, notifications of content plans, time-sensitive posts, and new assets can go unnoticed in emails.
Photofy Pro now offers the ability to send mobile push notifications to your team members and employees on the Photofy App.
No fees.
No lost emails.
No group text messages.
You are able to schedule your client notifications on our platform to send out at any desired date/time.
You can send as often as you like for:

  • Upcoming products, specials, or an event.
  • Keep your employees up to date with new releases
  • Promote employee contests
  • Promote special offers and other time-sensitive information

Your employees and team members will need to have their push notifications turned on for the Photofy app.

If you would like more information or to schedule a demo for how you can use it, click here to contact us!

In the Photofy Admin Portal, select the gallery whose subscribers you want to message.
Then Click on “Notifications”
Click “Create”

You’re then able to type in the message you would like for your employees to get via their Photofy App.

Pick the date/time/time zone and save the notification to be pushed out, and click Create!

Your team will receive the notification on their phone at the selected time. No additional fees or costs are associated with this for you or them.

Using Tokens in Photofy Enterprise

First we need to answer the question: What are tokens?

No, they’re not the little coins you use to play video games at the arcade. At least, not in this case.

At Photofy, we use digital tokens to save information within your app to make it faster and easier for you to create the images you use to market your business.

When you subscribe to an Enterprise Business Account, the first time you sign in, you’ll be asked to enter some contact information. This is the token information screen for one of our Enterprise accounts.

Remember, this is public facing information, meaning, this information is what will appear on your images when you use any of the Photofy Templates or logos that have a place holder for this information.

The benefits to using tokens in Photofy? You only have to enter your information once, and it’s there until you need to change it. This also reduces the chances of misspelling your email or website information, or putting in a wrong number.

Token information is easy to change! Just go to your Profile and scroll down a few lines. Sometimes you’ll find even more information placeholders that are optional, but a good idea to fill in if you have that information!

Our customers LOVE being able to use tokens to save them time, and to make sure that their images look professional without incorrect information!

If you have an Enterprise account, and don’t have tokens set up yet, contact us and let us know you want to add them to your subscription!

Unlock more Photofy for Less!

We have had a lot of our customers ask us if there was a way to unlock more Photofy, instead of having to purchase individual packs and features. We think we’ve figured out a way to do just that…

Introducing 3 new ways to get more Photofy!

  • Photofy Premium Subscription: 99¢/mo… unlocks all designs
  • Photofy Premium Plus+: $1.99/mo … unlocks all designs and functionality, (Color Spectrum, Masks, Watermark Removal, Scheduler, Repost, Light Fx, etc) except industry specific content.
  • Photofy Business Collection (formerly “AllThePhotofy): $5.99/ mo… Everything from Photofy Premium, plus Logo+ and all industry specific content (IE Real Estate, restaurants, etc)

These are all available now in the Photofy Marketplace!